Saturday, December 27, 2008

Once upon a winter ensemble

Since we're heading off to NYC next month, we've been shopping non-stop and stressed about what what to wear and whether we're layering enough.
Who better to turn to than The Sartoralist for unique ensembles? Here's a round-up of our fav from NYC, Paris, and Milan.
(click for high rez)

Very sophis.

Basic black? Tres chic! Loving the black shoes on black tights.

Yes, this is for lighter weather, but gorgeous nonetheless. The aviators, the green shift dress, the leather and suede boots, and that Kelly clutch. Gorgeous, and most importantly, it looks pretty comfortable =p This would probably look really good with black tights and a black coat on top.

Love love love the layering! White shirt + black vest + green cardigan and belt. Very effortlessly stylish.

GOR-GEOUS. That pop of blue in her long cardigan? Genius. Actually, I love everything about it.

Love how everything's black except her bright gloves. <3

I probably wouldn't wear something like this, but it shows that it's been thought out carefully. Nice. And who can say no to a bubblegum colored scarf like that?

Pretty and practical. Brown and blue go very well together, and the black sort of acts as a canvas here.

Ok forget WHAT she's wearing for a second and look at it overall. The white bell-sleeve jacket, the white and black Loubotins, and that gorgeous croc Birkin! Actually, it's all great minus the excess bows. <3 What I love most is the courage she's got to pull a look like this off.

Speaking about courage and quirky unique style: This woman embodies it.

I knoow, summer outfit, but I couldn't help it, she looks gorgeous!

Same here. Love the hair.

Only Carine can pull of a grey sweatshirt under a chic dress and pass it off as extremely sophisticated,

Wow. Need I say more?

If I was a guy, I'd dress like that. Cream suit, baby blue crisp shirt, tan Hermes belt, and purple suede loafers. Not to mention the silk handkerchief in his pocket. Guys? Learn from him. He oozes sophistication.

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- F said...

I'm getting addicted to your blog seriously :P You guys are so lucky that you're going to NYC in winter <3! Force my sister to buy me lots of stuff ok :P I LOVE black patent heels with black tights sooo <3 And omg that outfit (the green dress picture) gorgeous gorgeousssss! and the bubble gum pink gloves I want! And I'm so loving the long-sleeved but the blackless dresses <3 and omg the last picture so chuck bass! My friend thinks all men should wear loafers, tod's loafers to be more specific, ultimate sophistication 3a golat'ha! And now I'm so agreeing with her all guys should wear them seriously haha