Saturday, December 27, 2008

Once upon a ring

No, no there are no wedding bells anytime soon.
But as we all know having the right ring brings instant focus to your perfectly manicured hands.

So why not accessorize them with these gorgeous line of rings called Rings Eclectic by Melanie Lynn Macy who is a California-based former graphic designer and painter.

Each piece is a work of art and this exquisite line of statement cocktail rings combines the chunky contemporary mood with a vintage-inspired intricacy of design.

- A

Warning: these piece shall only be worn as a center piece for an outfit, do not over clutter your outfit.
The heart and crystal embellished ring can make any outfit simply divine.
I just ordered this piece from net a porter and i cant wait to get my hands on them. (no pun intended)
Not a big fan of this piece but who knows with the right outfit it can turn heads.

Not really sure about this one either
This one i love! a perfect glamorous finishing touch to your look.

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The Jeweled Orchid said...

hey how do we get us one of them??"!