Friday, December 26, 2008

Once upon a sale

With the recession and the annual Dec-Jan sale, Harvey Nix, Boutique 1 and Saks are on fiiire!
I went Issa-dress crazy at Boutique 1 and Loubotin crazy at Saks. <3 Run run run and get awesome stuff at half price!

The must-have chai 7leeb for breakfast

Boutique 1! Great dresses on sale, as well as the Chloe bags - which are at half price!

Grocery shopping for a friend's surprise party..

Which happened to coincide with Xmas. (Happy holidays!)

Peanut butter flavored oreos <3
Cupcakes-in-a-cone baked by the one-and-only N,
and choc chip cookies with fresh cold milk. Yum.

Picnic outside with candles

Hot chocolate filled with marshmallows (good thing they were fat-free haha)

Croc Loub peep toes <3

Croc Kelly clutch? I WISH.
I'm just reading Tonello's "Brining Home the Birkin" haha. Thanks for the book Amira! <3

- L


- F said...
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- F said...

I need to go to SAKS! But I have finals and I finish on DEC 31. Will the sale still be on? And omg who is L? :o where are my A squared!

Mavericks in motion said...

Haha, I think it'll still be on bss the good things (and sizes) will be gone. :(

I am L for my nickname, it's hard to tell who's whom if we use A since it's the beginning of both our names =p