Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Once upon 2008

As we bid 2008 farewell, here are a list of things that have stood out - and stood out very clearly.

- Victoria's Secret

(though L disagrees because whenever she orders, she does NOT receive ANYTHING and has countlessly complained to VS employees about customer dissatisfaction. Ok L had to rant.)

- Prada's Infusion D'Iris

(we're both self-confessed addicts. We'd shower with them instead of water if it wasn't too expensive and/or insane.)

- Obama's win

(Probably the highlight. And the acceptance speech? Legendary.)

- Salmon pink

(finally makes a comeback!)

- Roland Mouret

(the genius of draping and pleats. We're totally coveting.)

- Harvey Nichols

(Our second home. L adds Saks - she's on a first-name basis with the crew upstairs.)

- Julia Quinn

(Thank you Julia for saving us on those long airplane trips and sleepless nights! We love the Bridgertons.)

- Fall for you by Secondhand Serenade

(stole our hearts whenever we'd turn on the radio. <3 )

- Chuck Bass

(A: Enough said. L: Um, I'd pass.)

- Economic Crisis

(Hello? Chanel bags in London when from 11,000 AED to 8,00 AED, excluding sale? Hell yeah we're coveting!)

- How I Met Your Mother

(legden..wait for it, wait for ittt, - and we hope you're not lactose intolerent - daaary!!)

- Zac Posen

(Zac tops our lists. Always.)

- Sarah Palin

(that prank call was even more memorable than her hairstyle.)

- 60's Party

(Ok. The most awesome party we've been to. Thanks Sharen!! <3 )

- Katy Perry

(We always were cherry chap-stick. Just sayin'.)

- Cam Gigandet

- Hermes Kelly

(forget Birkins, Kellys are all the rage.)

- Fashion blogs

(Where have we been all this time?)

- Law

(Very in interesting. And law jargon is even more interesting. Do you concur or do we grant a preliminary injunction? Or certiatori perhaps? We certainly concur to our own concurrance via stare decisis)

- Statement necklaces

(all the rage.)

- Loubotins

(always were in, will always stay in.)

- Ballet flats

(pefect for stashing them in your oversized bag for when you're strutting your stuff in major blister-inducing heels.)

- Alexander McQueen

(military is back, thanks to Mr.McQueen.)

- Agyness Deyn

(quirky name spelling and quirky style! A friend met her at the Atlantis opening and said she was extremely sweet. She wins brownie points!)

- Gladiator flats/heels

(whether we were dressed up or dressed down, gladiator heels always came to the rescue.)

- Navy blue nail polish

(forget black, navy blue is all the rage.)

- Statement rings

(strip away your rolexes and bracelets and only wear the ring.)

- Plain white tees

(and it's not the band we're talking about!)

- Gossip Girl

We <3 Blair


- F said...

love love love chuck bass he is the hottest coolest and I can't live without him hehe ever since Gossip Girl episode 1 season 1 <3 !! Omg and Gossip Girl season 2 episode 13 OMG fell in love allllll over again! AND OMG OBAMA EVER SINCE HE MADE THAT STUPID COMMENT ABOUT WHAT'S HAPPENING IN GHAZA! Sorry he is as bad as all the presidents :) Julia Quinn <3 haha @ Economic crisis :P


Anonymous said...

Oh 2008 (U) !!

Maitha* said...

Happy belated New Year!! I must say the financial crisis does bring some benefits with it :p great time for investment! once everything crashes that is

Baroque said...

I love your blog!
such a refreshing and quirky fashion blog xx
Keep up the good work.