Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Once upon some magazine cutouts

When the stack of magazines grows too high, we like to leaf through them and cut out the bits we liked the most. We then post them on our (already crowded) inspiration board. <3

Here are some snaps of our latest cutouts:

Bows are still all the rage. Preppy girly is in, thanks to Blair Waldorf.

Selfridges is <3

Totally coveting this look for NYC next month.

Gorgeous necklace. Need we say more?

Military style is <3

Puffs and ponytails <3
Paz Vega is the new Penelope, only prettier. <3

Gold metallic skirt! <3

Not too clear, but the dress is beige and the shoes are a wonderful pop shade of light blue.

Statement jewelry and a green silk dress? Check.

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