Monday, December 29, 2008

Once upon Paris fashion week

We love playing Hot and Not, great for procrastination!
Join in the fun and let us know your thoughts.

1. HOT. Yellow heels and turquoise nailpolish is <3

2. Hot. Pale pink is whimsical, and whimsical = good. Loving the ruffles and fur sleeves. Is that clutch by Marc?

3. NOT. She fails. Miserably. Those glasses are shudder-worthy.

4. HOTT with two T's. Who said grey was bleak? It's gorgeous. And though those trousers are not exactly flattering, they work here. And the Loubs are drool-worthy.

5. Not. Structured is in, but this is taking the trend too far. A perfect example of following trends with blind eyes.. well I guess if you work for Mr.Designer, you'd have to wear his frock.

6. Ok we are OFFICIALLY jealous of this Parisian bebe!

7. Jumpsuits? Horrible. In silk? even worse. The bow on the pumps save her - but just a little bit. Girl on the right? Hmm. Nothing to really grill/compliment her about.

8. Bravo to the woman in the left for daring to wear this goreous pop of blue when everyone else was in blacks and greys. We don't dig the belt and embellished shirt when worn together. Woman on the right FAILS miserably. Oddly shaped trench with the ugliest fur sleeves? Ew. The rest of the ensemble looks ok, but probably should have been worn seperately. There's way too much going on here, and it's distracting. Also, take off the dangly earings. They're very Ms.5th grade teacher.

8. Woman on the left: Undecided. It's all good except for wacky fur fringe skirt.. but woman on the right knocks us out. GORGEOUS.

9. Gorgeous Pierre Hardy shoes! Had our eyes on them at Boutique 1. A true piece of art.

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- F said...

First pic is <3
2nd hmm don't like it maybe because she's smoking so it is not hot anymore :P and I hate the sleeves!
4 is the best! The shoes, the bracelets, the ring and the clutch! And yea the pants are not really that flattering but she pulls them off!