Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Once upon a Megan Fox

She's plastic. With a capital P.
You can relax now.



- F said...

2004 she was super chubby! When she lost weight, fixed her eyebrows, and well grew up, her instant hotness shined. Y3ny she's a pretty girl chy wla chy, if we looked back 5 years ago on how we looked everyone would've thought we went through surgery hahahahhaha XD

Bas I'm spotting a nose job b/w 2005 and 2007

- F said...

Btw the 2nd picture doesn't look like her at ALL are you sure it's her? Because she looks like another actress that I forgot her name

L said...

Definite nose job and lip job.
Her eyebrows are done in a more dramatic higher style, and that changed her look a lot.. and yup, she lost her "baby fat" so her jaws and chin are more chiseled. Also something is different with her teeth but I can't put my hands on it. Veneers? maybe.

And yeah, believe it or not it really is her in that 2nd photo! She looks completely different, but she's got the same pout..