Monday, September 14, 2009

Once upon a closet cleanout

Summer seems to be the season for closet-cleanout and room redecorating.
Started a little late this year, but it IS the time to throw out the old and bring in the new. Now we're not really big on the mess and clutter we have to endure for a couple of days - not to mention the energy it takes - but rediscovering clothes and accessories you forgot about (usually lying around at the back of the closet/drawers) are most definitely worth it.

Stacks and stacks of magazines. We keep the newer issues, and as for the older ones - we go through them, tear out our fav pages and either pin them to an inspiration board or store them in a file for later use.

These transparent boxes are wonderful for storage - easy accessibility AND space on top for handbags!

Color-coding the shoe closet.. so many shades of pink!

Vintage YSL gown I completely forgot about! <3

Fuschia vintage oversized blazer that I raided from mom's old closet. Been coveting a pink one for some time - can't wait to wear it once the weather gets cooler with an over-sized tank top, studded black leggings and my peeptoe Loub ankle boots.

Loubs <3 a girl can never have enough of the charming red sole. What do you guys do with boxes? I'm short on storage space. Like really short.

See what I mean? Boxes boxes boxes.. so many of them. What do you do with all of these? I can't bear throwing them away - though I do reuse them to carry jewelery and whatnot if I'm staying over at someone's place/need something to carry them in.

Rearranged all accessories in accessible plastic boxes according to type. Yay to organization! To me, if I don't see it, then I forget about it - exactly why everything needs to be visible hehe.

Completely forgot about my Lanvin winged earrings! <3 Left them in the pouch after a party one day and they slipped my mind.. they are quite heavy though, and clip-on - a drawback, but oh well. They're pretty and take up half my ear, so I would wear a completely simple outfit with no other accessories.

Yay! Found a candle/cinnamon stick/scented oil set, bath and shower set and gorgeous lilac silk bed cover that I bought and completely forgot about. The White Company sells amazing stuff for home.

Nothing like distressing with a mug of perfect golden chai 7leeb at the end of the day, though saffron milk comes close <3

and of course, an old movie marathon with mom featuring Grace Kelly.

Scented candles! I've become an addict.



- F said...

The shoe boxes annoy me to death, I have millions!

The Boudoir. said...

oooh so ur a clutter diva like myself! dont throw boxes keep ur shoes in them for protection..i know the takelots of space but at least ur shoes and bags wont be ruined..i love the way u organize ur magazines thats a great idea..i also love ur stuff;p

L said...

F - I know! Absolutely no space for them.

Boudoir - Clutter diva, I like that hehe! Yes I'm a magpie, I collect and collect until my room explodes.
Well I usually store expensive/evening shoes protectively in their boxes, but the ones I use on a regular basis are in the shoe closet.
Thanks so much! <3

- L.

CLPig said...

nice collection!. Hope you start reblogging again in the future!

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