Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Once upon a box of chocolates

Chocolates are the best gifts. Period.
After diamonds of course.

- L.
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FingerPrint said...

Nothing beats Galler! <3 chocolate-wise I think :P

And I believe shoes are a better gift than chocolates cuz I just got a fabulous pair of Loubs for my Bday :D

L said...

That's awesome!
I completely agree, but shoes are tricky as gifts because of the size. I guess that's what receipts and exchange periods are for though!
What color were your Loubs? And happy belated birthday! <3

The Boudoir. said...

agree chocolates best gifts..at least theyre useful and u dont have to forget about it if its not ur taste:P
and galler is so good..my friends didnt like their chocolates but i especially liked the ones with marzipaaan:P

L said...

The Boudoir - totally! I love their hazelnut hot chocolate too, the only type of hot chocolate I can actually stand hehe.